Signs That Your Car Needs a Brake Replacement

Posted on: 21 February 2017

Brakes are a vital system in your vehicle. They may not play a significant role in the movement of the car, but their place in stopping it on time gives them an indispensable place in your car's system. Additionally, they are some of the few components that facilitate your safety on the road because they help you stop the car in the face of emergencies.

However, all brakes have a limited lifespan within which they can serve you efficiently. It is therefore important to know when these parts are worn out so you can replace them promptly. The remaining paragraphs of this post will show you some of the symptoms that tell you it is time to visit an auto parts shop and get a brake specialist to replace the old ones.

A screech or squeal

When you start hearing a squealing or screeching sound every time you apply brakes, it is evident that the brakes are wearing out and you need to replace them.

The car grumbles and grinds

The second sign your car's brakes need a replacement is that you will start hearing the car grumble or grind when you apply brakes. These sounds are also an indication you need to check the condition of the rotors since they too may be out of shape.

The car squeaks when you brake

Another audial sign that your vehicle's brakes are out of shape and you need to replace them is when you hear a squeak while braking.

The car vibrates when you apply brakes

If you are trying to stop the car and you feel that it is pulsating or vibrating, you are receiving a warning that your brakes have outlived their usefulness. This vibrating effect is also a pointer to the possibility of a warping especially in the rotors.

The brakes are no longer responsive

Another symptom that your car needs a brake replacement is that the brakes will lose their normal responsive power, and at times the pedal will also sink lower than usual when you try to brake. Such a reduced level of response could also be a sign that the air or fluid in the system is leaking.

The car is pulled towards one side

The last sign that your car's brakes are out of order and they need a replacement is that when you try to brake, you will feel the vehicle pull to one side. This kind of a pull indicates that the linings of the brakes are worn out unproportionally.