How Torque Rods and Bushings Help to Keep Your Heavy Truck in Place

Posted on: 28 October 2020

A large truck engine puts out a great deal of horsepower and, importantly, can generate a tremendous amount of torque. While power is, of course, important, the torque levels actually put this power to the road and ensure that your vehicle performs effectively. While a vehicle like this is certainly well-engineered, some individual components can endure more than their fair share of stress as they try to restrain that torque. Some of these components are linked to the truck and trailer axle, and if you are a driver or operator, you need to keep a close eye on them.

Everyday Stresses

As you try to maximise your payload, you will place a lot of weight on to those rear axles. As you push power through the driving wheels, the axles themselves will tend to twist or push forward, once again due to the generated torque.

As your journey progresses, the vehicle will move from side to side, and this will cause a lateral load on each axle. When you come to a halt, the axle will need to deal with the braking loads and will tend to rotate in the opposite direction.

Radius Arms

To deal with these different scenarios, engineers have designed a number of torque rods (also known as radius arms). These will typically have a bearing or bushing at each end and will be connected to both the frame of the vehicle and the axle itself. The rod can be adjustable and is designed to absorb the tension during everyday operation. It'll need to deal with a twisting moment within the driveline, and keep the axles in place so that your vehicle will be far more efficient and much safer.


You will need to have a close look at these rods (and their associated bushings) whenever you bring the vehicle in for a service. You need to make sure that they are still intact and not bent and that there is no discernible movement at either end through the bushing. Take a close look at those bushings as well and, specifically, where the entire assembly is mounted. If you can see any deterioration or if the mounting hole has become distorted, it's time to change.

Smart Buy

Torque rods and bushings are available in a variety of different configurations. The better ones are highly engineered and made to exceed the standards set down by the original equipment manufacturer. Always ensure that you buy the best parts and never take the cheap route, as a failure could trigger a number of knock-on problems.

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