Can You Make Your Car Battery Last Longer?

Posted on: 11 November 2021

Battery technology has advanced a lot in recent years, and the unit that you place underneath your vehicle's bonnet can be expected to last for quite some time. Yet, it will eventually degrade, and the speed at which it will wear out will depend on many factors. What do you need to know about your battery usage, and how do you know if it is beginning to wear out?

Battery Life 101

Realistically, no battery is going to last forever, but its lifespan will effectively depend on how often it is charged and discharged. It will also depend on how the vehicle is used and whether it is driven in challenging conditions. Clearly, temperature and humidity levels in Australia can be very challenging, and this may affect how long the battery lasts, depending on where you live.

Early Warning Signs

Usually, a good-quality battery will continue to play its role in your everyday motoring right up until the moment that it fails altogether. However, you may notice some early signs, which may help you avoid becoming stranded at work or in the car park of the shopping centre.

Be on the lookout for any unusual behaviour. For example, does it take you a couple of extra seconds to start the vehicle in the morning? If this becomes a consistent issue, the battery may be on its way out.

The battery must also power the ancillaries in your vehicle in addition to providing a spark to the engine. Have you noticed that the dash lights are not quite as bright as they were or that the vehicle is not charging your phone as quickly as it should? These are also signs that you may need a new battery.

External Inspection

From time to time, have a look under the bonnet and check on the condition of the battery. You should always clean off any corrosion that may build up around the terminals, as this can definitely lead to longer-term problems. However, have a look at the battery case from time to time. Sometimes, excessive heat and humidity can cause the exterior to warp or crack, and you will definitely need to shop for a new battery in this case.

Helping the battery

Give your battery a helping hand by recharging it properly. So, if you only ever do short hops from home to work and back, fit in a more lengthy drive on the weekend as well.

Sensible Replacement

When you do need to get a replacement, always ensure that you get the correct model for your vehicle and buy the best product available. Contact a company that sells new car batteries to learn more.