3 Leaf Spring Options for Your 4WD Vehicle

Posted on: 1 May 2017

Some owners of 4x4 vehicles may wish to change some of the stock suspension components on their vehicles in order to make those vehicles to be better able to handle the specific driving conditions that one would like the vehicle to handle. This article discusses some of the options that are available if you would like to install leaf-springs in the suspension system of that 4x4 vehicle.

Multi-Leaf Packs

Multi-leaf springs are also known as semi-elliptical springs. They are the most common type of springs on vehicles that don't have coil springs. These springs have several leafs that that have been clamped onto one main leaf. Such springs usually last for a long time. This is because the load carried by the suspension system is usually distributed over several leafs. Consequently, wear and tear is minimised on each individual leaf.

Another added advantage of these multi-leaf springs is that you can still drive the vehicle when one leaf breaks. This is because the remaining ones will be able to support the loads imposed upon the suspension system until you can reach a repair shop for assistance.

Mono-Leaf Springs

Mono-leaf springs are made from a single leaf. This leaf is thick and tapers off towards the eyes that are used to anchor the spring onto the frame and axle of the vehicle. These springs are very good for vehicles that are used exclusively off-road. This is because the single leaf quickly responds to the stresses that are being exerted upon the suspension system as you drive over uneven surfaces and obstacles. However, there is a greater potential for damage to your 4x4 in case a mono-leaf spring breaks. This is because there will be nothing to support the vehicle's weight. It is therefore advisable to avoid installing these springs if you intend to use your vehicle on the highway as well.

Quarter-Elliptical Springs

Quarter-elliptical springs look like a leaf spring that has been divided into two parts. The operation of this spring can be compared to a diving board at a swimming pool. The axle of your vehicle pivots upwards and downwards as the spring rebounds after compressing while you drive. The major downside of this type of spring is that it is very complicated to install. Such springs are therefore ideal for custom 4x4 vehicles.

Weigh the performance and installation attributes of each type of leaf spring discussed above before you select a type to install on your vehicle. You will then avoid making a mistake that may compel you to replace those components once they fail to perform to your expectations.