Accessories You Need for Your Vehicle's Turbo-Charged Engine

Posted on: 6 October 2017

A turbo charger can give your vehicle's engine a boost of performance, so that you can achieve faster pickup from a stop, or even higher overall speeds. However, along with the turbo charger, you may want to consider a few accessories that can ensure this equipment runs properly and safely, and to ensure you get maximum performance from the turbo booster itself. Note a few of those accessories here, and then you can discuss them with a mechanic to decide if they might be needed under your car's hood.

Turbo blanket

A turbo blanket is just as it sounds; this is a thick piece of material that is cut into a semi-circle, to fit over the top of the turbo charger itself. This blanket is to contain the heat that is produced by the turbo charger, so that it doesn't spread to the rest of the engine bay and cause damage to any other parts. The blanket won't actually cause the turbo charger to overheat, but will simply contain the heat it produces, in order to protect surrounding parts.

Oil lines

The increased performance of your engine will typically cause it to run hotter, and it may need more lubrication as the pistons move faster to create that added combustion. Engine oil cools and lubricates the engine, so an upgraded oil line can be needed with a turbo booster; this line will usually be larger than standard oil lines, so it delivers more oil to the engine to keep it cool and properly lubricated.


A timer is a mechanism that forces the engine to idle for a certain amount of time before it shuts off, in order to allow the engine to cool properly. When an engine idles, oil and coolant continue to circulate, and the fan continues to run, so this is a better option for forcing the engine to cool than simply shutting it off. Since a turbo charger produces extra heat and often causes the engine to run hotter than normal, a timer can reduce potential wear and tear on the engine from that added heat.


An intercooler cools the air that is brought into the engine by a turbo booster; as air cools, it can be compressed, so that more air can be delivered as the turbo charger works. Since combustion is a mixture of fuel and air, allowing for more air into the engine means that it can maintain better combustion, for higher speeds and better pickup.