Is purchasing a car battery cleaner a worthwhile investment?

Posted on: 21 February 2019

For any motorist, keeping the car battery in good condition is a top concern. The battery has components such as wires and cables, terminals and electrolytes that need to remain in good condition for the battery to be effective. Over time, you will find that your car battery accumulates dust, debris and other materials that may affect its longevity.

A car battery cleaner is the solution to keeping your battery clean and efficient throughout the year. You may be wondering why purchasing a battery cleaner is worth your time and money. Read on to find out.

1. Preventing battery corrosion

Car battery cleaners can prevent your terminals and connectors from becoming corroded. The moisture and grease surrounding your battery terminals can slowly cause corrosion to occur, which will in turn interfere with the flow of current from the battery to other parts of the engine. Corroded terminals also make it harder for your car battery to crank the engine or to hold enough charge.

You can solve this challenge by using a car battery cleaner. These cleaners contain a mix of sodium bicarbonate, isobutane, water and other elements to clean the battery surface and remove corrosive elements.

2. Keeping battery connectors and terminals clean

Corrosion is not the only threat to your car battery. Your battery connectors and terminals also need to remain clean and free of dirt/debris. This debris can accumulate over time and eventually solidify on your connectors, thus hindering the operation of your battery.

Luckily, a battery cleaner can be used to dislodge difficult-to-remove debris. It also coats the surface of the connectors and prevents dust from settling on your battery while driving.

3. Improves the flow of voltage

Poor voltage flow is a big challenge for many different car batteries. You may be wondering why you spent a lot on a new battery, only for it to perform below anticipated standards. Poor voltage may be the reason why. A battery cleaner can remove voltage leaks, which often occur due to dirt and debris settling on the battery surface and penetrating through connectors.

With regular spraying, you can ensure that proper voltage flow is maintained in your car battery.

4. Prevents leakage of battery acids

Finally, car battery cleaners can prevent your unit from leaking acids. Remember that contaminants may accumulate on your battery over time and cause it to become damaged (and such damage may eventually result in leaking).

Not only is leaking potentially dangerous for you and your vehicle, but leaks can also pollute the surrounding environment. Make sure you prevent this from happening by using a battery cleaner on a regular basis.